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Shelby County, TN Public Records

Shelby County public records include written material, audio, and graphic files made or received under the law in connection with local agencies. According to local public records law, these are available for viewing and inspection unless district courts or the law provides an exemption. In Shelby County, only certain family members, spouses, and legal representatives can access certified copies of vital records such as births, marriages, deaths, and divorces. These are available from the Office of Vital Records via the County Health Department. Eligible requesters will need to provide government-issued identification when requesting record access. Birth records are available from 1924 as well, while death statistics are accessible after 1955. Interested parties may also access Shelby County property records. Requesters may contact the County Assessor of Property in person or through mail to get the records.

Courts in Shelby County

Court Records in Shelby County, Tennessee

Shelby County court records are presumed available for public viewing, provided there are no legal exemptions. For paper records, requesters may get court record copies via mail from the Circuit Courts File room. Efforts have been made to digitize documents, so interested parties may access civil and criminal cases from the ACS CourtConnect portal. The General Sessions Court Clerk also provides a portal through which record seekers may access non-confidential documents. This platform provides civil court calendars, case inquiries, court costs, and civil court judge lists. From the criminal section of the platform, record seekers may access criminal forms, the criminal justice system portal, expungements, and associated costs. Cases involving juveniles, financial statements, domestic abuse, and some ongoing criminal investigations are not accessible to the public. These would only be available to the case parties and legal representatives.

Court Name:
201 Poplar Ave
3730 Appling Road
101 Walnut Street
1930 South Germantown Road
7950 Memphis Avenue

Jails and Prisons in Shelby County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Shelby County, Tennessee

The public may access Shelby County inmate records per public records laws. They are generated and maintained by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, which also provides an inmate search tool. Interested parties can input the individuals’ names and booking numbers; these searches yield the inmate’s physical status, criminal charges, parole, sentencing information, and which facility they have been detainedThe county allows inmates to get visitation in person or virtually monthly. Interested parties must complete applications to schedule visits before arriving at the correctional facility. Inmates are also allowed to see two adult and three child visitors per session. Visitors also have to adhere to clothing regulations when visiting inmates. Shelby County has 13 jails and prisons serving 924,454 residents.

Jails and Prisons Name:
3420 Old Getwell Road
201 Poplar Avenue, Suite 4-01
201 Poplar Avenue

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Shelby County

Arrest Records in Shelby County, Tennessee

Shelby County arrest records are generated by law enforcement personnel when they apprehend individuals following suspected criminal activity. The records may include the person’s details, mugshot, arrest warrant, and a summary of events during the apprehension. Shelby County has a flexible approach to arrest record access to the public, provided they do not have confidential information. The Sheriff’s Office maintains arrest records and provides a database for public viewing. Interested parties are charged 15 cents a page from police departments for arrest reports. Record seekers may also access backgrounds from the Criminal History records and Identification Bureau at the Sheriff’s Office. Shelby County has 33 police departments, and the crime rate is 56.46 per 1,000 residents.

Police Departments Name:
201 Poplar Avenue, 9th Floor

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