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Sumner County, TN Public Records

Sumner County public records refer to written, audio, video, or software-generated materials produced, utilized, and stored by local governing agencies. These records are open to people in general, except for legal restrictions. Vital records, like marriage, divorce, birth, and death, are only accessible to eligible requesters. That includes legal guardians, spouses, legal representatives, and the person named on the record. Vital records like birth and death certificates can be obtained from the Tennessee Department of Health within the county. Marriage records can be obtained from the county clerk's office, where the marriage permit was obtained, while divorce certificates are accessible from the workplace of the Province Agent. Property records, which fall under the county deed offices, are public records and can be obtained from the county clerk's office.

Courts in Sumner County

Court Records in Sumner County, Tennessee

Sumner County court records are subjected to specific accessibility guidelines and legal exemptions. The county has various courts, including probate, criminal, and family. Interested individuals can obtain court records by visiting the Clerk of the Courts' office. In addition to in-person access, requesters can utilize online records archives or the Tennessee Unified Court System platform. However, it's important to note that some court records may be restricted from public access. These may include cases involving juveniles, adoptions, ongoing criminal investigations, and certain divorce records. On the other hand, bankruptcy records can be obtained from the Clerk of the Courts, with information available from 2002 onwards. There may be a nominal fee associated with accessing certain court records.

Court Name:
1 Executive Park Drive
132 West Main Street
100 South Russell Street

Jails and Prisons in Sumner County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Sumner County, Tennessee

Sumner County inmate records are accessible to the public per freedom of information laws. These records are managed by the Corrections Department of the County Sheriff's Office. While there might not be an inmate locator tool specifically for Sumner County, interested parties can inquire about specific individuals and their incarceration status from the County correctional facilities. Additionally, records may be available through the online inmate roster. Visitation for inmates is typically scheduled, and visitors are required to adhere to correctional facility regulations, including proper attire and providing government-issued identification. Parole and probation details can be obtained from the authorities overseeing those processes. There are two prisons and jails within Sumner County, Tennessee, serving a population of 175,730 people over 530 square miles.

Jails and Prisons Name:
117 West Smith Street

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Sumner County

Arrest Records in Sumner County, Tennessee

Sumner County public records are subject to certain legal exemptions. These records incorporate data like the physical description of the individual, the reason for arrest, witness statements, mugshots, and the arresting officer's remarks. Arrest records are kept up at the County Sheriff's office. Requesters can present their solicitations through mail or face-to-face. Alternatively, individuals can access criminal records, which encompass broader background information, from the Tennessee State Division of Criminal Justice Services. It's critical to note that specific records may not be available to all requesters because of their substance, particularly those involving juveniles, abuse, victim information, or ongoing criminal investigations. The county has different police departments, and the crime rate is 29.47 per 1,000.

Police Departments Name:

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